Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Edmond" Animation - Puppet Costumes

This time last year I was working with Eva Roelfs on a very fun project - designing and making miniature animation puppet costumes! You may think that smaller means easier, but when you're searching for minute floral prints and stitching teeny weeny shirt collars by hand, you quickly start to feel like a clumsy giant sewing with rope off a ship... But there is also nothing cuter than crafting tiny glasses in thread covered wire, or adorable felt bunny ears.

"Edmond" is a short animation, directed by Nina Gantz (National Film and Television School). All the characters are felted animatable puppets. The costumes are made from fabric that we hand dyed and embroidered or patched to create natural, soft textures.

So far, "Edmond" has won awards 2 awards including Best Short Film at Annecy Film Festival and is shortlisted for Best Short Film at BFI London Film Festival.

Costume designer: Eva Roelfs
Assistant Costume designer: Megan Doyle

Check out the trailer below:

The last photo in this post is from the "Edmond" page on Facebook - follow here.