Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tips for Summer Garden Party Decor

Anyone who has met me will know that I am addicted to Pinterest. I could live my whole life endlessly scrolling through that gorgeous homepage. In fact, somedays I wish I could just dive head first into my laptop screen and just stay there forever, floating around in a world where everything is amazingly photogenic and delicious and colour coordinated beyond perfection, and you could just forget that bad lighting and mismatched stationery and anything less than absolutely-frickin-beautiful ever even existed.

Last week, I was in the French provencale town of Aix-en-Provence, for Yolita's 21st birthday. Our week of sunbathing and casual strolling through the characterful winding streets of Aix was topped of with a wonderful Pinterest-worthy garden party. Cute macarons, patisseries and mini desserts made for a sort of French, Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea!

Of course, my go-to place for inspiration was Pinterest. I've been collecting pretty pictures of party decorations for a long time and this was the perfect chance to bring some of that inspiration to life! Our tables was almost overflowing with colour from flowers, cakes and huge glasses of water flavoured with slices of fruit.

We put a mix of flowers into all different types of jars - mason jars, jam jars, any type or size of glass jar or vase! The mix and match look gives a relaxed yet pretty feel to any arrangement. These look lovely paired with candles too - especially if the party will go from day to night.

I am so glad I finally had a go at making flower ice cubes! They looked so beautiful all collected together in the champagne bucket. We picked all different types of small flowers (we chose small because the cube trays were small, but of course you could make bigger ones) - pink ones, some lighter lilac, lavender, loose petals and also a few mint leaves to add some solid green colour.

The make them, place the flower/leaves in the trays and fill each cube with water only halfway. Whatever you are freezing will probably float to the top, so let the half-filled water freeze (about an hour) before filling each cube up to the top again. Then once again, leave the ice cubes in the trays in the freezer, this time for as long as possible.

The ice cubes in the champagne bucket (although we had a lovely fruity flavour rosé instead!)

Cool water is a must for any summer garden party. Not only will it make it much more interesting, adding slices of fruit will give plain water a great flavour and a rainbow of colour! I added lemon, orange, cucumber and strawberry to these amazing glass containers.

Half the fun of a party is the setting up - choosing the decorations and getting together with friends to make beautiful things happen! Choose a few eye-catching unusual table features such as these, add bunting and your tea party is set. Great photographs start with a basic colour scheme, and it's a good idea to include it in the dress code. But don't become too tied down by it - the best outcomes are always unplanned!

For anyone who would like to nosey at the extent of my Pinterest virtual hoarding, head over to my page - @showtimestitch